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Latest developments in patient-reported outcomes measures and their implications for clinical research and practice: Ware Seminar

February 12th, 2016 | Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute, Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation, Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Ware presented a seminar on the latest patient-reported outcome (PRO) measurement developments and their implications for clinical research and practice and had open discussions with researchers and clinicians actively involved in patient-centered data initiatives at Cleveland Clinic on February 12, 2016.

The seminar briefly summarized the history of PRO measurement and some of its most innovative and important recent conceptual and methodological advances. These advances include the standardization of metrics across population surveys, patient registries, clinical trials and clinical practice applications; methods that are adapted to the specific requirements of different applications while maintaining score comparability across applications; a new generation of disease-specific PROs that use comprehensive disease-specific QOL impact attributions to fill the gap between disease-specific symptoms that are not QOL and generic QOL measures that are not disease-specific; more aggressive approaches to making PRO measures more practical and more useful; and the first standardized and individualized disease-specific QOL impact measures that enable norm-based scoring throughout the chronically-ill population. Feedback from early adoptions of these advances was discussed.

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