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Mapi Research Trust (MRT) to Manage Licensing and Distribution of Quality of Life Disease Impact Scale (QDIS®) Surveys for John Ware Research Group (JWRG)

            JWRG are pleased to announce that the non-profit Mapi Research Trust (MRT) will manage and distribute their licenses to use QDIS survey forms worldwide. MRT has been a leading provider of patient-centered outcomes information worldwide for nearly two decades and exclusively distributes more than 400 families of questionnaires on behalf of developers in 130 countries. In addition to royalty-free access to QDIS for academic research, MRT will manage and distribute commercial licenses to use QDIS by medical products and pharmaceutical companies, healthcare delivery organizations, health information technology vendors and for other commercial applications. 

            QDIS is a family of very efficient and psychometrically-sound disease specific Quality of Life (QOL) impact forms with content expanded to be as comprehensive as the best generic QOL surveys. Single- and multi-item static and adaptive CAT forms of QDIS differ from generic surveys by using disease-specific attributions proven to increase validity and responsiveness to changes in severity of a specific disease or condition. QDIS is the first such survey with content and scoring standardized across 36 chronic conditions and normed across diseases in the US chronically ill population (mean=50, SD=10). Because impact scores are standardized, QDIS output also includes the first disease specific QOL impact profile and the first aggregate multiple chronic conditions (MCC) summary QOL score. “The QDIS publications and collaboration with MRT come at a perfect time given the importance of distributing more responsive QOL measures to scholars royalty-free and assuring support for their translations and continued development from commercial licenses worldwide,” said John Ware, Chief Science Officer at JWRG. 

“We are delighted with this collaboration between Mapi Research Trust and JWRG which will further contribute to the widespread use of the innovative QDIS questionnaire by the scientific community worldwide” added Katrin Conway, Managing Director of MRT.

Please submit any request for use of the QDIS through Mapi Research Trust’s ePROVIDE platform.

About JWRG:

John Ware Research Group (JWRG) is a privately held company founded in 2009 by John E. Ware, Jr., PhD to standardize and integrate more efficient generic and disease-specific patient-reported outcome (PRO) tools across population health surveys, clinical research and clinical practice worldwide. JWRG maintains its offices in Watertown, Massachusetts. Visit http://jwrginc.com/ for more information.

About Mapi Research Trust:

Mapi Research Trust is a Non-Profit arm of ICON plc and works in collaboration with Academic Researchers, Life-Science Companies and Regulatory bodies. It is the largest curator of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs) and their translations, the largest single COA licensing provider and the most trusted name in distribution of COA instruments exclusively representing over 400 exclusive questionnaires. Visit http://mapi-trust.org/ for more information.

Thursday, August 15, 2019 by JWRG